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Stavros Terkenlis, a young teenager refugee from Asia Minor begins to work at the age of 12 years old in one of the most popular and central patisseries of Thessaloniki.


The business activity of Terkenlis family in the bakery and patisserie sector begins with  the opening of the first flagship store by Stavros Terkenlis at the corner of Tsimiski and Aristotle street, which successfully continues business,  up until now.


After 40 years, the management of the flagship store is taken over by Pavlos Terkenlis, who sets sail for the development of  a store chain  including company owned  stores, collaborations and concessions and makes the brand 'Terkenlis' well known across Greece but also abroad. Greeks living abroad, take the brand and its products to all corners of the world!


The new central manufacturing plan in Nea Raidestos at Thessaloniki region starts to operate and the company is now given the opportunity to unveil its true potential!


The company opens its first branch in Athens, the capital of Greece and it is located in Chalandri area.


Today after 70 years of successful business activity and with a total of 19 stores across Greece our personnel is ready for the next big steps!